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sqlCopy codeQuestions 1-4 

Read the following text and answer the questions based on the information provided in the text. 

Jungle Eats: A Culinary Adventure Welcome to Jungle Eats, a unique and exciting culinary adventure where you can experience the flavors of the jungle like never before. 

Our restaurant isset amidst lush greenery, providing a one-of-a-kind dining atmosphere. We offer a variety of dishes prepared using locally sourced ingredients, ensuring freshness and authenticity. 

Our Signature Dishes: 

1. Jungle Delight Salad: A vibrant mix of fresh tropical fruits and organic greens, topped with our special citrus dressing. 

2. Amazonian Grilled Fish: Succulent fish marinated in unique Amazonian spices, chargrilled toperfection. 

3. Canopy Pasta: Freshly made pasta with a medley of jungle vegetables, sautéed to enhance the natural flavors. 

Location: Jungle Eats is located at 123 Rainforest Avenue, just a 10-minute walk from the main city square. 

Parking facilities are available for our guests. 


1.What kind of dining atmosphere does Jungle Eats provide? 

(A) Underwater dining 
(B) Dining in the jungle 
(C) Skydiving dining 
(D) Fine dining experience 

2. What sets Jungle Eats apart in terms of the ingredients used in their dishes? 

(A) They use imported ingredients. 
(B) They use locally sourced ingredients. 
(C) They use only vegetarian ingredients. 
(D) They use only organic ingredients. 

3. Which dish at Jungle Eats incorporates Amazonian spices? 

(A) Jungle Delight Salad 
(B) Amazonian Grilled Fish (C) Canopy Pasta 
(D) None of the above 

4. How far is Jungle Eats from the main city square? 

(A) 10-minute walk 
(B) 30-minute walk 
(C) 15-minute drive 
(D) 5-minute drive


  1. B) Dining in the jungle
  2. (B) They use locally sourced ingredients.
  3. (B) Amazonian Grilled Fish
  4. (A) 10-minute walk


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