touchの関連語! touchy、touching、untouchable、touched!


 (of a person) easily upset or offended

SYNONYM sensitive

He’s a little touchy about his weight.

She gets very touchy if you mention the divorce.


causing feelings of sympathy; making you feel sad or emotional

SYNONYM moving

It was a touching story that moved many of us to tears.


  1. a person who is untouchable is in a position where they are unlikely to be punished or criticized
    • Given his political connections, he thought he was untouchable.
  2. that cannot be touched or changed by other people
    • The department’s budget is untouchable.


feeling happy and grateful because of something kind that somebody has done; feeling emotional about something

  •  touched (by something) She was touched by their warm welcome.
  • She was touched by the plight of the refugees.
  • We were deeply touched by your concern.
  •  touched (that…) I was touched that he still remembered me.


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